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Product Custom order for Margaret by Snow Pea Creative

Custom order for Margaret

Nyssa, thank you so much for your baby package everything looks and feels amazing. I highly recommend people to look at purchasing gift packages for that special little person thats about to enter your life. Your products feel like they are made with much love and passion and that's just what I want to pass onto my family. Thanks so much for your quick response in filling my order it is very much appreciated and you and your products are amazing.
All the best

General Feedback for Snow Pea Creative

OSFM Night Nappy

I recently purchased a Night Nappy and it has quickly become our favourite night nappy. I love the pocket design because it means you can stuff the nappy to customise the absorbency. It gets our heavy wetting toddler through 12 hours of sleep no problems- and that's without even putting on a cover. There is also room left to grow being a OSFM. My husband does the night time routine and he loves the velcro for ease of fit on a squirmy toddler. They are the most affordable night nappy and beautifully made. We have purchased another one because we love it so much. We have tried a heap of night nappies and this one has been the best.

Product Bulk 12 Pack - Basics Range by Snow Pea Creative

Bulk 12 Pack - Basics Range

I love these Nappies, honestly I prefer them then disposables, even my partner prefer them as well. They are super absorbent, then little man loves wearing them too. I brought a 12 pack to begin with and have just purchased another 6. You definitely have quality in the Nappies and the boosters as well. I will be using these full time where possible. The fabric is lovely and I love the fact you don't have to pay extra for the patterned fabric. Awesome Products, can't praise them enough.

General Feedback for Snow Pea Creative

Nyssa first introduced me to her nappies over a year ago now when I was getting sick of the cost of Huggies for my then nearly 3yo daughter. I purchased 4 nappies to try and use with Katilyn and loved them, although we didn't get much use out of them with her. I then decided to go full time cloth with my new bub who was due in August. I started using Snow Pea Nappies on William when he was 7 weeks old and haven't looked back.

I love the idea of having a cloth bummed baby and find the nappies so easy to use. Even my husband, parents and parents-in-law who were skeptical at the beginning now see the benefits of using cloth. It really is no harder than using disposables, just an extra load or two of washing a week. I find using SPN much easier and hate the thought of even putting a disposable on him. I am even re-looking into using cloth overnight for my now nearly 4yo daughter.

General Feedback for Snow Pea Creative

Reusable breast pads

Snow Pea breast pads look so much prettier when accidentally falling out at the shopping center than dirty disposables!

General Feedback for Snow Pea Creative

The most fabulous nursing pads around!

Nyssa makes the most fantastic nursing pads, not only are they super absorbent but they come in super cute fabric designs! I Awas never caught out with embarassing leakages when wearing them!
I have ordered some of her nappies and I cant wait for them to arrive, I have heard such great things about them.

General Feedback for Snow Pea Creative

The nappies and nappy covers are fantastic. So well made, super cute and fit so well. I used modern cloth nappies of a different brand with my other children but always had a leakage problem due to the poor fit, wish I'd used Snow Pea Nappies before now, they are so much better!!!
The breastpad are great, I was having night time leaks with disopable ones, but that hasn't been an issue with the snow pea breast pads. They are so comfortable, super absorbent, don't scrunch up and feel dry.
I honestly recommend Snow Pea Nappies!!!

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