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Our Nappies

Snow Pea Nappies are One Size Fits Most, and from our testing you can expect them Three rows of snapsto fit from around 4kg up until 15kg or more, depending on your child's build. There are 3 rows of resin snaps on the front of each nappy giving three size settings, and the velcro tabs are double sided so they can be crossed over for very small babies.

I am a huge fan of velcro for nappies, it makes them infinitely adjustable and is easy to do up or remove in a hurry. Some babies go through a phase of undoing their velcro tabs, all I can promise is that I use very strong velcro which makes this much more difficult, and in our case this phase lasted less than a week, hopefully you find the same!

The elastic in our nappies is sewn at each end and then encased, they are sewn this way to allow elastic to be changed easily if it should become necessary. Nappies should last as long as they possibly can, new elastic is usually enough to refresh them when your next baby comes along.

We offer both suedecloth and microfleece inners, these are both stay dry fabrics so they will feel dry against your baby's skin. Suedecloth is a flatter fabric with a velvety feel, microfleece is fluffy and soft like polar fleece. If you have issues with either of these fabrics please contact me and I can go through some other options.

Our basics range of nappies have an outer of cotton or polyester laminated with polyurethane laminate (PUL). PUL is waterproof but still breathable so you won't get the overheating and sweating that comes with using disposables. Plain colours will generally be laminated polyester, prints are a mixture of both. Both fabrics are just as good as each other, but you may find that cotton PUL wicks a little at the legs if it is very wet.

Each nappy comes with a trifold bamboo insert made of two layers of heavy-weight bamboo fleece. The inserts are folded into thirds, giving 6 layers of absorbency with a minimum of bulk. The insert is rectangular in shape so it can be folded either way for a longer narrower insert, or a shorter wider one.

Nappy Inner

Before you Order...
  1. Remember buying in bulk saves you money. I have listed bulk packs of 6 and 12 nappies in the store. Any purchase of 6 or more nappies will be at a reduced price of $22 each, if you would like any other amount of nappies other than 6 or 12 please use one of the custom order slots, you will still get the reduced price as long as it's for more than 6 nappies.

  2. You can see all the fabric options in the Galleries. I try to keep these albums as up to date as possible but sometimes my supplier runs out of fabric very fast and I can no longer get hold of them. If you do order a fabric that is unavailable I'll contact you to make another choice.These fabrics are what I can get from my suppliers, not what I have on hand, so you may have to wait an extra few days if I need to order fabrics in.

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