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250g Bag
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Sapindus Mukorossi is a tree which produces a berry like fruit. When the shell of this 'fruit' is dried, you get Soap Nuts!

The benefits of using soap nuts are nearly endless:
  • Being 100% natural means they are hypoallergenic
  • They are grey water safe 
  • Being Certified Organic & Fair Trade, you don't need to worry about where they are coming from
  • They are suitable for washing all clothing types, from delicates to work clothes 
  • Can be used in hot or cold water, in front or top loaders, and in hard or soft water!

Snow Pea Soap Nuts are sourced from the best soap nuts available in Australia. Light Golden and Plump, full of soap.

How to Use:
Just put 4 nuts in a small muslin bag or old sock, tie the top and throw in the machine, it's that simple!

You don't need to remove it for the rinse cycle, and those 4 nuts can be re-used for up to 4 loads of washing. Once they are grey and mushy just throw them in the compost and start again :)

This 250g pack will last approximately 5 months and comes with 1 reusable muslin bag

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